Visit to St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Cork City

St. Joseph’s Cemetery is a well kept,veritable Who’s Who of Cork people (especially Catholics) in the mid- 1800s. It was opened in the 1830s but records only exist for it from 1878. A walk around this cemetery is fascinating for the genealogist. Names which are associated with many of the merchant families of the city appear on obelisk and headstone alike. The inner part of the cemetery is surrounded by a high wall (like a walled garden) and the monument to Fr. Matthew (the man who started the Temperance movement in Cork) is in the centre. The large outer section of the cemetery is cluttered in part with many headstones squeezed into a small area. St. Finbarr’s Cemetery, the other large Cork Cemetery, was opened in 1868, to relieve the stress on St. Joseph’s.

Below is a general map of St. Joseph’s Cemetery, showing the sections. [added November 2014]

Map of St.Josephs

Note (added 5th Dec. 2012) : St. Joseph’s 1877-1917 Burial Register online, thanks to the Cork City and County Archives. Hopefully more to follow. Also, St. Catherine’s, Kilcully burials from 1931-1974 are online as are others from Co.Cork. Check back often to the Cork and County Archives to see what has been added.

Note, the Cork County Library has some burial records in a folder for St. Joseph’s Cemetery. See below for the contents page to this file. [added Nov. 2014]


Ronayne Conron tomb and in the background a Gould monument.

On the Cork City Council’s website, it is stated that the Cork City Council manages four Municipal cemeteries:

St. Finbarr’s, Glasheen Road, Cork

Tel: 021-4545997

St. Joseph’s, Tory Top Road, Ballyphehane, Cork

Tel: 021-4320191

St. Catherine’s, Kilcully, Co. Cork

Tel: 021-4300669

St. Michael’s and New, Blackrock, Cork (opened in 1957)

Tel: 021-4357890

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23 Responses to Visit to St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Cork City

  1. Claire O'Donovan says:

    Thanks for this. I found it straight off when googling from the UK for the cemetery. I have some grave receipts for my great great grandfather being buried there in 1874. There is a section number but the row and grave details are not filled in. It cost 6 pounds which would be a lot of money in 1874! I hope to visit Cork in August and will add this to my list of places to visit.

  2. Celine Halley says:

    Is it possible to get a list of people interred in St. Joseph’s cemetary for any given year. I’m looking for family.

  3. mjordan says:

    About burials in St. Joseph’s Cemetery: you can enquire at the office or if you phone up, they will do a look up for you but you have to know the name and date. The records are not computerized at all.

  4. Vivian Glacken says:

    Hello I was wondering if theres a way to view the names of the people in St. Joseph’s Cemetery?
    I am looking for my great grandparents Daniel Carroll & Catherine (Kelleher) Carroll, I don’t have dates for birth or death.
    How you can help me.
    Vivian (Carroll) Glacken

    • John says:

      Daniel Carroll is given in the 1911 Census as aged 52 and Kate his wife as 46.

      • John says:

        Daniel Carroll is still listed in Guys Almanac for Cork as Civil Bill Officer for Millstreet in 1925.

  5. Juliet says:

    I know both sets of my grandparents are buried in St. Joseph’s cemetary Cork. I have visited one set of my grandparents but I was wondering if there are records of where exactly I would locate my other gransparents.


    • Dave says:


      only saw your post about looking for grandparents details

      I had no idea where mine were buried but I knew the date the died and found the cork county council archive section great

      they told me where they buried, i then found them in St Josephs

      If ya don’t know the date I remember getting a death cert somehow online, cost 5euro I think for the search

      let me know if can be of more help

      oh email for cork council archives is



      • Juliet says:

        Hi Dave,

        Thank you for your reply, I will indeed contact the Cork County Council and see what they come up with and I will let you know if I find my grandparents.

        Thanks again,

      • Dave says:

        I just remember I got more info on this site, but its slow as done by regular mail

        plus they charge, but have a look

        I have to call down to cemetery in a few weeks to find a cousins grave, plus find out who else is buried in the family plot. I hope the caretaker has the records

        if not is a big cemetery to have to look at al the headstones 🙂



  6. Kelly says:

    Hello. I’m looking For Gerald Walsh
    died 14 March 1884
    He was my Gr. Grandfather and died on his ship the Eagle in England.

    Thank you,

  7. Vivian says:

    Im looking for information on where my great grandparents were laid to rest. Daniel & Catherine Carroll from Millstreet, Co. Cork

    Thank You

    • Dave says:

      give this a look

      Then when have the graveyard ya can contact them to find the plot



      • mjordan says:


        I have been to St. Joseph’s Cemetery recently and I know that the caretaker has only got the registers from 1948 onwards. The earlier registers have all gone to the Cork CIty and County Archives in Blackpool. I have also looked these earlier registers in the Archives. They vary in quality and legibility and detail but it is nice to be able to trawl through them. Remember you need to book up in advance to get access to the Cork City and County Archives;


  8. Hi Margaret,

    I had no idea that the burial records from St. Joseph’s cemetery are now to be found at the Archives in Blackpool. Just so that I fully understand the procedure, do you mean to say that the general public are allowed to trawl through such delicate ledgers themselves? And would happen to know if the records are to be digitised in the near future?

    Kindest regards,


  9. As a follow-up to my earlier message, I went along to the Cork City and County Archives in Blackpool, to see for myself, the burial records from St. Joseph’s Cemetery. I booked an appointment and was asked to bring some form of photo identification with me, as well as a copy of a utility bill. On arrival, I was asked to place my personal belongings in a locker and was then shown into an empty research room where the archivist supplied me with paper and pencil. I was then given a detailed list, showing the range of records available and had to then choose what year I wanted to look at. It would have been helpful if I had taken along some death certificates, but I forgot them, however, I eventually found what I was looking for and left the building, very pleased with the fruits of my labour, and now look forward to returning in the near future. Incidently, some of the books are in poor condition, while others are quite fragile, given their age, so I was not surprised to be handed white, cotton gloves.


  10. Nicolas Cordero says:

    Records from 1904 to 1917 have now been digitised:


    • mjordan says:

      Thanks Nicolas. Let’s hope the later registers follow. it is great to see that the Cork City and County Archives are doing this!

      Margaret Jordan

  11. Mixed Messages says:

    I took time out to walk around the cemetery a while back.

    As well as Fr Mathew, other things that have stuck in the memory bank include James Mountain ( IRB and Fenian who has a plaque on the old Roman House building on North Main St); a number of WW1 soldier headstones; and also a memorial to John Taylor Scannell who died in the Carlist War ( more info at

  12. Peter O'Driscoll now South San Francisco born in Aughaville parish of Caheragh 1942 says:

    Thanks for sharing this very interesting part of our history

  13. Joanna Roebuck says:

    Hi I am interested in finding my gr gr grandparents but not sure what cemetery in cork they will be in. There names are Patrick and Ellen Murphy but I don’t have any other details other than when my great grandmother Margaret (Madge) married in Australia when she was 23 in 1920. The gr gr grandparents were still in Ireland as there address is listed as 59 cam……. Or 59 Carr…… Ireland! Cork. Joanna

  14. Carol Thornton says:

    Our family grave is in St joseph s but I had aunts who died in 1924.and 1927 Margaret Thornton Catherine Thornton we think they were buried in another grave and the family would be greatful if you have any information on their buiral

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