Some Useful phone numbers for North Cork Cemeteries


While browsing the Cork County Council website for details of Co. Cork cemeteries, I found the following:

Link broken now.

The above is a list of older North Co.Cork cemeteries (County Council, Northern Division) and the link below is to more recent North Co.Cork cemeteries.

Link broken now.

I couldn’t find any list in the current Cork phone book (unlike the list of four cemeteries for Cork City cemeteries). I suppose, Co. Cork being the largest county in Ireland has so many graveyards and cemeteries that it would be an enormous task to list them all!

The following might be useful in tracking cemeteries managed by North Cork- Cork County Council – Northern Division Annabella, Mallow County Cork Phone 022 21123 Fax 022 21983.

Over the years, The Cork Historical and Archaeological Society Journal has published many articles on graveyard transcriptions. A very large number of these articles were written by Richard Henchion who is reknowned for his enormous work in the area of headstone transcription as well as other writings.


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