Fantastic Resource – Registry of Deeds

The Registry of Deeds was set up by the Registry of Deeds Act in 1707 as part of the Penal Laws. The Registry of Deeds holds continuous records from the 25th March 1708 to date and is a most useful archive for genealogical research. The registry has three hundred years of records of leases, mortgages and marriage settlement deeds. It is exciting to find mention of family and perhaps location of their property, contained in the memorial of a deed recorded in a huge tome, after searching through the grantor or townlands index.

The resource is often undervalued as the Registry of Deeds is not considered to be useful for early Catholics records. However, the Registry of Deeds is a structured and well ordered resource and there are vast numbers of deeds relating to land in the 1700s when there are not many other opportunities to find records. These records form a unique resource for the social and economic history of Ireland and well worth considering when researching in Ireland.

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3 Responses to Fantastic Resource – Registry of Deeds

  1. Hi, Just interested to know where the archive is and if it is online. Many thanks – Dave

  2. mjordan says:

    The archive is in Dublin. Very interesting to visit! However, the archive is not online.

  3. Nick Reddan says:

    Copies of the memorial volumes ie transcriptions of the content of the deeds are available through the Mormon Family History Library service together with the townland and grantor index volumes.

    There is a new project to make the records more accessible by developing a full name index at:



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