Indexing – Registry of Deeds

Today, I received the latest copy of the Irish Genealogical Research Society (IGRS) newsletter and I was gobsmacked to see that Mr Nick Reddan, FIGRS, has launched a project to index all persons mentioned in the memorials of the Registry of Deeds. This is a worthy and massive task and he is looking for contributors. See Indexing Project for details.

Irish genealogy needs initiatives like this and I commend Mr Reddan for taking it on.

Also mentioned in the IGRS newsletter is that there are plans afoot to move the Registry of Deeds from its present location in Henrietta St., Dublin and to scan all the deeds in its basement. The memorials of the deeds are what you actually see when you go to the Registry of Deeds.

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6 Responses to Indexing – Registry of Deeds

  1. Kae Lewis says:

    A marvelous plan to at last give us access to the deeds in the basement of the Registry of Deeds. Of course, it’s the memorials to the deeds that we look at when we scan through the LDS films of the Registry of Deeds. They are often so abbreviated as to be impossible to follow. So having the deeds available may help clear up a lot of mysteries. However I fear, even to look at these films of deeds is going to mean a trip to Dublin. Unless they are being filmed by the LDS church by any chance? Or perhaps they might allow them to be put on CDs?

    Thanks for a great resource for picking up Irish news Margaret. Kae

  2. noel avery says:

    i am trying to trace my mother history who died when i was young and there was nt much to go because she was the black sheep of the family:her birth name was sheila pitt:born in cork around 1920 went to india as a nurse and then onto australia in 1948:if you can provide any names of living relatives i would like to catch up with them when i journey to ireland in may 2009.
    noel avery/perth:australia

  3. mjordan says:

    Hi Noel,

    If you look up “Pitt” for Cork, Ireland in the online Civil Records Index:;t=searchable;c=1408347
    You will find lots of entries for that surname. This includes birth records upto 1958.

    Good luck,
    Margaret Jordan

  4. Donald O'Sullivan says:

    I am trying to trace the ownership of our Family homestead. Are there any on line sources that would cover 1900 and earlier for tracing property deeds? It was located outside Mallow betweenthe village of Beesing and ?

    The house was built around 1890

    I found a copy of the Census report of 1911 showing the faimly but can’t seem to find and Abstract of Title or similar documents If anyone from the area can offer any insights into tracing this It would be greatly apreciated

    Other reference information that I have gathered
    District: Kilshannig
    Local Area Glantane
    Street Shanavoher

    Google Street manp,-6.405381&sspn=0.000686,0.001714&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Shanavoher,+County+Cork&ll=52.079691,-8.735611&spn=0,0.021887&z=16&layer=c&cbll=52.080117,-8.739861&panoid=ETeND1Sg_Ssh_VnNGT_TtA&cbp=12,221,,0,-2.45

  5. mjordan says:

    Hi Donald,

    There are Valuation records for townlands dating from Griffith’s Valuation (circa 1850). These show the tenants on a property and the changes that occurred over time. The Valuation Office: has these records.

    The Registry of Deeds: houses the deeds for the sale of properties. Searches can be carried out as far as I know.

    I hope this helps.

    Margaret Jordan

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