Updates on Irish record availability

It is always heartening to see progress being made on providing more access to Irish records especially online. Here are some snippets which I have gleaned from various sources, in the past week.

1901 Census of Ireland records for Tipperary North are now available at http://tipperarynorth.brsgenealogy.com/
These records are transcribed copies of the original household returns, not digitised images. This is a paying site but you can search for free at least. Hopefully the National Archives will be able to progress their roll-out of the 1911 Census and 1901 Census for all of Ireland. It seems to have stalled on Dublin 1911 since last December.

On the 29th March 2008 Dublin City Library announced that additional parish registers were added to their databases at their Pearse St. premises. These registers are in addition to those previously available in the Library and on the Dublin Heritage web site www.dublinheritage.ie for the present it will be necessary to visit the Library to view these records.

Apparently, Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin will soon be launching  a pay-per-view service and all funds raised from it will be used to maintain the cemetery.  The records – which go back 175 years – record invaluable information about families.

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