Controversy over access to Catholic church records

Apparently, the Irish Catholic newspaper reported that two Irish Catholic bishops wrote to the National Library of Ireland stating that they were “taken aback” that records handed over to the library by the Catholic church are now open to “all comers”. The clergy concerned seem to be afraid that as the Mormons baptise people posthumously they will do this to deceased Catholics.

Surely this is a major over-reaction! When I read the headline in the Sunday newspaper and heard it on TV, I felt I could be living in the Middle Ages not in a modern society. The logical follow-on to the fear expressed by some members of the Catholic church is that they should prevent headstone inscriptions, newspaper obituaries, public mention of the dead etc. Secrecy again……

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2 Responses to Controversy over access to Catholic church records

  1. Frank Thompson says:

    If any Catholic priest – let alone a bishop – is afraid of Mormons’ baptizing deceased Catholics, he is surely demonstrating ignorance of some very fundamental Roman Catholic theology. Instead of being ‘taken aback’, he should be ‘taken back’, to the seminary, for a refresher course in Catholic doctrine. Yes, secrecy again and still, but let’s call it what it really is: paranoia and hysteria. The Catholic Church in Quebec, one should point out, has taken a very different view of things, and the history of many thousands of French-Canadian, fiercely Catholic families has been rescued from oblivion by Mormon digitization. Go back to school, Irish clergy, and grow up!

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