November thoughts on Irish censuses

The National Archives belatedly announced that the Kerry 1911 Census returns would be online in December 2008, not October as previously promised. Other counties will follow (Dublin has been online since December 2007). The process is very slow and long drawn out and time frames are not being adhered to.

CIGO are hoping more will sign their petition to have Ireland’s 1926 Census released ahead of the 100 year rule. Todate, over 1,000 people have signed.

See: CIGO 1926 Petition

I would like to add that it should be digitized too. Maybe they need to start now?

Griffith’s valuation, a survey taken in Ireland in the mid 1800s is an invaluable resource provided free online and is searchable. See: Griffith’s Valuation
Well done to the Library Council of Ireland.

In general, Irish libraries have a very big role to play in making genealogical resources available for the public. Some counties have good online resources while some do not.

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