Pragmatism and Business in Genealogy

Last Sunday’s Sunday Independent (23rd November 2008), had an article on Eneclann, the well-known Irish Genealogical research company. In the article, it said that “an exclusive deal with the Mormon Church – a huge deal in the archivist world” had been signed by Brian Donovan who set up Eneclann.

Mr Donovan said:

“The Mormons have one of the world’s major archives, it’s simply enormous. Now we have access and are going to digitize all the Irish records.”

All this is going on while the Catholic Church worries about the tradition the Mormons have of baptising the dead. Also, an investigation is going on into FAS, the Irish organization trusted with digitizing so many of the Catholic Church records in Ireland. They spent a huge amount of tax payers’ money and have failed, after over 12 years, in many cases, to give the public access to these records.

For once, I am saying “Well done” to private enterprise who saw the business opportunity and presumably took advantage of the dithering in other groups, to strike a deal with the Mormons.

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One Response to Pragmatism and Business in Genealogy

  1. Jake Fletcher says:

    WordPress had an entry of mine (lecture on irish catholic records, 11/9/08) linked to your article, someone brought that up at the same meeting that lecture was at, its pretty interesting controversy


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