TV Program on Origins of the Irish….

What did you think of the first part of the two part program on RTE TV on the origins of the Irish? Perhaps for someone who is uninitiated, it might help to remove the fear or mystery around DNA testing. The use of a plastic container to collect spittle might appear unpleasant but certainly not scary. I am familiar with cheek swabbing (used by some DNA testing companies) which is a little more dignified as the person doing it, appears to be brushing their teeth not spitting into a container.


Double Helix

It is good to see Irish TV venturing into the science of genetics but it could have done with more scientific information including better graphics. The “wooshing” from one scene to the next was more akin (no pun intended) to magic than science. The musings of the presenter were ok for a landscape gardener but it would have been nice to have a scientist present the program. But, do we have any public faces of science to put on tv? Metereologists who present the weather might be the only scientists whom we see regularly on Irish TV (RTE 1 anyway).

Only one DNA testing company was highlighted but there are others who have been around longer and would have  an interesting  contribution to make, to the theories presented. Perhaps next week’s program will restore the balance?

I hope more Irish will engage in DNA testing (especially yDNA testing) to help the Irish diaspora find their Irish roots.

I will be watching next Monday!

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2 Responses to TV Program on Origins of the Irish….

  1. patrick mc donagh says:

    how do i get that spit test done, wondering could you point me in the right direction

  2. mjordan says:

    Hi Patrick,

    There are several DNA testing companies around. The one I am familiar with is

    If you join Family Tree DNA through a project, you get the cheaper price than if you go solo.

    There is a McDonough Project listed under surname projects but it seems very specific to one family. You could join through the Ireland yDNA Project:
    I am a co-admin of this project.

    Maybe others would like to comment on the best testing companies available.

    Make sure you sign up for a yDNA test to trace your paternal line.

    Best wishes,
    Margaret Jordan

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