More Irish Males who live in Ireland needed for yDNA Testing

If yDNA testing is going  to help the Irish diaspora to find their origins, more Irish males who still reside in Ireland are needed in Irish Surname yDNA projects.  While people in countries where the Irish emigrated to (before, during and after the Famine) are busily doing yDNA testing (also mtDNA testing), there is a definite lack of  participation of people residing in Ireland, to provide benchmarking for these DNA results. The Irish who currently live in Ireland may also find relatives who are currently cut off from family in Ireland. In a era when communication is global, it is time for the Irish to help reconnect with their American, Australian, Canadian and New Zealand (etc. ) cousins.

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4 Responses to More Irish Males who live in Ireland needed for yDNA Testing

  1. Maisie Dunn says:

    Problem is, it’s expensive. I think some of the claims about DNA testing have been vastly exaggerated, but then again, I think we could at least get my father’s paternal ancestry down to a province, if not a county, if more Irish males could afford to take the swab.

    • Paddy o leary says:

      I would be interested in both maternal and paternal d n a test what do I need to do

      • mjordan says:

        Hi Paddy,

        For your paternal line, a y-chromosome (yDNA) test is needed. This follows your father, his father et… I woudl recommend at least a 37 marker yDNA test from A 67 marker test is more expensive but well worth it….you can upgrade from 37 to 67 markers later if you wish. Make sure you order a kit through your surname project:
        as there is a small discount if you do this. The Ireland yDNA Project:
        is also a useful project to join.

        As regards your maternal line: you need to order a mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA test). This traces your maternal line: your mother, her mother etc. You can order this at the same time as you order the yDNA test.

        Another type of test which is only $99 is the Family Finder test. This is an autosomal DNA test and it finds matches to people on all your ancestral lines back to about 5th cousin. Family Tree DNA ( sells this test. 23&Me does also but if you live in Ireland, the cost of mailing the kit (by courier as it is saliva) pushes the proce up significantly. also sells an autosomal test but it doesn’t mail them outside of North America.

        Email me at if you have any more questions.

        Margaret Jordan

  2. Paddy o leary says:

    Send on information

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