Irish Civil Registration 1845-1958 Index online

Update!!!: See for an online civil records index. [updated 3rd July 2014]

New on the internet:

The Irish Civil Regsitration Birth, Marriage and Death records index from 1845-1958 are on website at:
Irish Civil Records at familysearch

An index of Ireland Civil Registrations:

Marriages: 1845-1958 (note non-Catholic records from 1846-1864 only)
Deaths: 1864-1958

Note they are for all Ireland before 1922 after which the indexes are for the 26 counties only.

I found that there is a history of Civil Registration in Ireland, including a map showing the Poor Law Unions (Civil Registration Districts) at GRO Ireland. This might be useful as well as interesting.

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2 Responses to Irish Civil Registration 1845-1958 Index online

  1. Frank Thompson says:

    This is a surprise.

    The instructions and description of content are confusing. It will take a while to evaluate the site.

  2. Donna Wojciaczyk says:

    My grandmother, Margaret McGough, was 5 , when she immigrated to New York, arriving Oct.11,1903, aboard Celtic. Her mother’s name was Catherine &dad’s name was Peter McGough.Margaret was born in 1898, in County Monaghan.I would like toknow the day, month, and confirm the birth year.Also. if possible.the date of her baptism, &place.My grandmother died at age 20 in 1918, from the influenza epidemic in Maspeth, New Yok,leaving behind my grandfather,&her 6 month old daughter, Kathleen, my mother.Also, if I could find the birth & Marriage date of her parents, Peter & Catherine McGough. Catherine’s maiden name; Flannagan.I would truly appreciate any help with this matter. I’ve been looking for these answers, but getting nowhere. Thank you, Respectfuly, Donna

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