Glasnevin online access to their database coming soon

I was reminded by the latest irish Family History Society newsletter that the Glasnevin cemetery records will be available to be purchased online. The webpage Glasnevin Genaealogy wepage gives some details. the proposed date for making the service public is the 8th April 2009. I welcome this very much.

This service will provide access to our extensive database containing more than 1 million records dating as far back as 1890.

A standard Burial or Cremation search provides details on the deceased from our records. An extended burial search also includes details of all others buried in that grave.

I wonder why only records going back to 1890, are being made available. I found the burial of an O’Shea, who died in 1884, in their records so why are the earleir records not being made available or is that going to happen later?

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One Response to Glasnevin online access to their database coming soon

  1. Greg Pluymers says:

    They only have a small portion of records PRIOR 1890 digitized. A project is currently underway to digitize ALL records prior 1890 to go back as far as 1827. I have been told to watch their genealogy page to see what recoirds are included next.

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