Irish Family History Foundation Records

While it is good to see so many Irish genealogical records appearing online, it is disappointing, frustrating and wrong that so many of the Irish Family History Foundation Centres ARE NOT offering any online records. Here is the current list of Counties NOT ONLINE at the Irish Family History Foundation (IFHF). Note only Cloyne in Co. Cork IS online the rest of the county is NOT.

Is anybody asking why this is the situation after so much money has been spent on digitizing the records. The Fas Project started about 15 years ago and so many problems seem to have arisen since then, it is time to overhaul the procedures and bring them into the 21st century. Digital scanning of Catholic Church registers and additional records, which are on missing registers, needs to be taken from available microfilm. The Catholic Church needs to wake up and respond to the people who want Catholic records made available.

Some areas of Kerry for example were never microfilmed but some of the records were digitized. It seems this computerization is now abandoned. Cork City has many digitized records whch are not online. What is the situation in ohter parts of the country?

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