Irish Genealogy – Tourism Approach

The launch of with a welcome message from the Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism and an emphasis on “making the trip” signals a new approach by the authorities to Genealogy and the Irish Diaspora. Those of us involved in genealogy know that when someone finds their roots, they want to visit the area, get to know the people who are still here and enjoy the feeling of belonging.

The website in question so far deals with Kerry Catholic records and some Dublin records. The presence of searchable and FREE Catholic records for Co. Kerry helps to bring to an end the impasse for many people.

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  1. merasm says:

    The entries under Cork Genealogy look like excellent resources for me. I’m just starting to research my Irish ancestors from County Cork. So I’ll be coming here more frequently. Thanks for making it possible to find some sources for beginners as well as experienced family historians.

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