Thousands of 19th century Land files to be shredded

I was alerted to the following article by a posting on a Cork genealogy message board today (Friday 29th January 2010):

Irish Times article on Irish Land files which are to be shredded according to the article.

What do YOU think?

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One Response to Thousands of 19th century Land files to be shredded

  1. Susan Barretta says:

    Why has so much relatively recent Irish history that could pertain to family genealogy been so tragically destroyed? Haven’t they learned their lesson yet?!?

    Several censuses from the 19th century were tragically destroyed because some high level British administrator mistakenly believed that there were duplicates, and wanted to recycle the paper for the war effort of WWI. The duplicates did not exist. The rest of the 19th censuses were destroyed in Dublin fires.

    Tiny pieces of information almost *always* gets lost when original documents are transferred to some kind of electronic media.

    For all we know, researchers may one day be able to extract human DNA out of those original documents! If original documents get destroyed, we lose those opportunities forever.

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