Birth, marriage and death records and more, for Irish Genealogy

At the start of 2011, I feel obliged to post on the availablity of Irish records online.

I want to emphasise the value of for anyone doing Irish genealogical research. This website, set up by the Mormons continues to have new material added to it. It is all done in an understated fashion with no fanfare or official launches that I know of, anyway. Yet, anyone doing genealogical research online must have come across it.

As regards Ireland, the website serves a huge purpose and enables people to search for birth, marriage and death indexes from the start of civil records to 1958. Once you have found an index which might be correct, you can order a photocopy of this for €4 from the GRO in Roscommon.

The website has miscellaneous Irish Parish records. For Irish who emigrated to other countries, offers much material. There are many scanned in census forms etc. etc.

I should mention the official HSE Civil Registration website at Civil Registration Service which gives details of ordering certificates through its system. It is more expensive than the Mormon wesite at €11 which includes a search, retrieval and postage fee (which is €1 within Ireland, €2 for elsewhere). However, the service extends to present day records.

So, in 2011, we have ways of finding/ordering civil records online, the 1901 and 1911 Irish Censuses are online and free. There are other websites like where Griffith’s Valuation is available and free. The website states:

AskAboutIreland and the Cultural Heritage Project is an initiative of public libraries together with local museums and archives in the digitisation and online publication of the original, the unusual and the unique material from their local studies’ collections to create a national Internet resource for culture.

I should not forget the Irishgenealogy website which is trying to get as many church records online as possible. It is free.

I have heard (from the online message boards) and I can’t confirm this but the National Library of Ireland, holder of microfilm for the Catholic Church parish records may be planning to digitize all of its parish records.

I look forward to seeing more and more Irish records online.

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7 Responses to Birth, marriage and death records and more, for Irish Genealogy

  1. Aillin says:

    Hi, I have nominated your blog for the Ancestor Approved Award. You can learn more about this here

  2. Susan says:

    Hello Margaret!

    I thought I would mention that the Griffiths Valuation CD, while it is useful for wild card searches, has chunks of information (as in entire parishes) missing. So the online search engine is a nice backup.

    Many of us are eagerly waiting for more Cork RC church records to be made available online by the Department of Tourism, Culture and Sport. I haven’t heard about the NLI planning to digitize its holdings, it would be wonderful if it was all online!

    In addition Church of Ireland through the Cobh Genealogical Project is working on computerizing Cork C of I records.

    I have published a few tithe applotment transcriptions online (Skibbereen area). Tommy Collins the historian in Dunmanway helps me whenever he has time – and for that matter, the transcriptions only happen whenever I can squeeze in time. Abbeystrowry, Caheragh, Drinagh, and Dromdaleague are online and they periodically get reviewed for corrections and for more annotations. Fanlobbus is due out soon. At least four more parishes are in the pipeline. Plus, I have rounded up links to other County Cork TA transcriptions.


  3. mjordan says:

    Hi Susan,

    Thank you for that information. I didn’t know that you were publishing the Skibbereen Tithe Applotment transcriptions. That is wonderful. It all helps! Keep up the good work.


  4. margaret o sullivan says:

    i am looking to find out if my mother is dead i was told that she may of died in around 1982 her name was abina christina o sullivan her date of birth is 25 dec 1952 she was born in co..cork.

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