Discussions ongoing with regard to Uploading Cork Catholic Church records to web

The Cork Diocesan Office (Catholic) responded (14th Aug. 2012) to a recent request to upload the digitized Catholic records for the Deanery of Cork to the free irishgenealogy.ie website. The reply from the Diocesan Office included the sentence:

“For some time now, the Irish Bishops’ Conference have been engaging with the National Library, Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage and other agencies in relation to the access to these private records. More recently, Cork City Council, approached the Diocesan Office in relation to making these records freely available.”

The letter went on to say:

“At this point in time, discussions are ongoing at Conference level and until such discussions are finalised, Bishop Buckley is not in a position to have these records accessible on the Irish Genealogy website or through any other electronic form.”

So, it seems that nothing has been decided even though the Cork County Council previously made it known that they had decided to add these records to the paying IFHF website.

I wonder when the FINAL decision will be made?

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8 Responses to Discussions ongoing with regard to Uploading Cork Catholic Church records to web

  1. Jim in Wales says:

    But the phrase “is not in a position to” is a euphemism for “refuses.” I read that to say that the bishop has made the decision not to allow access to the records.

  2. Thanks for the update on this, Margaret. I hope to hear some good news eventually!

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  4. Kevin Terry says:

    This is a disappointing response. The Church are custodians of this information about people, whose descendands wish to see it freely available.

  5. jackd says:

    Disappointing but not surprising. Not sure why they insist on a monopoly. Financial, possibly?

  6. Ed McCarty says:

    Hi Margaret.
    This whole situation seems to be getting totally out of hand. I am not surprised at the Bishop’s statement. A while back I got an email reply from a Fr Deenihan at the Diocesan Hdq, expressing the belief that these records were “private.” Of course, the bound indexes are open to public review at the County Library and the cost of producing them was funded with governmental funds. Making this historical information available to folks who are not able to visit the library would be consistent with the original rationale for the indexing project and the expenditure of FAS funds.
    Turning over the information to IFHF paid site is not the answer I was hoping for—I’m not a fan of “genealogy roulette.” That can get expensive fast. The irishgenealogy.ie route would be a much better idea for everyone who cares about getting access to this information. Only problem I see is that, based on my experience with the long ago promised records for Co. Monaghan RC churches, the wait for getting access to the Cork City records on their website could literally take years.
    What I can’t understand is why the digitzed contents of the indexes cannot be uploaded to some website, (e.g., the library’s website or Cork Archives) to permit everyone to enjoy access to what are essentially public records, at this point.
    Thanks for all your hard work in pressing for a resolution to this issue.
    Ed McCarty

  7. Jim in Wales says:

    Several months ago I bit the bullet and started using the IFHF site out of desperation. And to good effect, although I would also prefer a subscription and see-all arrangement. With regard to getting no answer from IFHF, after that happened to me I decided to send my question directly to the participating records repository, in my case County Dublin. I got good replies and useful information that way.


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