Family Tree DNA moves to shorthand SNP nomenclature

Family Tree DNA posted the following message on the y-haplotree webpages of customers:

Long time customers of Family Tree DNA have seen the YCC-tree of Homo Sapiens evolve over the past several years as new SNPs have been discovered. Sometimes these new SNPs cause a substantial change in the “longhand” explanation of your terminal Haplogroup. Because of this confusion, we introduced a shorthand version a few years ago that lists the branch of the tree and your terminal SNP, i.e. J-L147, in lieu of J1c3d. Therefore, in the very near term, Family Tree DNA will discontinue showing the current “longhand” on the tree and we will focus all of our discussions around your terminal defining SNP.

This changes no science – it just provides an easier and less confusing way for us all to communicate.

Bennett Greenspan, Family Tree DNA
Dr. Michael Hammer, University of Arizona

Instead of long names for positions on the y-haplotree, the use of terminal SNPs will be a lot easier for us all to deal with!

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