New online Genealogical Resources for Ireland

While there are some roadblocks still remaining in getting Irish archival material online, recently, a lot of records have been appearing on the web. The Irish National Archives has uploaded the Tithe Applotments, with some blatant errors but you can see the original pages online so that is a great help. Interestingly, the National Archives is working with the “Genealogical Society of Utah”. I quote:

The Tithe Applotment Books are the first in a series of National Archives records of genealogical interest to be digitised by the Genealogical Society of Utah in partnership with the National Archives, and placed online free to access. Others will follow over the coming years; the next will be the Calendars of Wills and Administrations, 1858 – 1922.

The Irish National Archives has also uploaded wills for soldiers who served and died in the First World War. I quote the Natioanl Archives website:

The National Archives of Ireland holds a collection of the wills of Irish soldiers who died while serving in the British Army. Most of these date from World War I but there is a small number from the period of the South African War, 1899-1902. The documents have been digitised by the National Archives and the first phase of this work, covering the years up to the end of 1917, is now available free online to researchers.

The Soldiers’ Wills for the years 1918-1922 will be completed and made available in early 2013.

So, we can look forward to further additions to genealogical records being provided online by the Irish National Archives. Already we have the 1901 Census, 1911 Census, Tithe Applotments and Soldiers’ Wills on their site.

These together with Griffith’s Valuation which is provided free by the Askabout Ireland (Libraries) initiative provide a great way to research your ancestors. Add to this, the Latter Day Saints website which provides too much to list here but included is an index to the civil records index for Ireland up to 1958. Lastly, I commend Irish Genealogy for providing many church records for free.

In contrast to the above, Roots Ireland provides a paying site and includes the 1901, 1911 Censuses, Griffith’s Valuation and the Tithe Applotments in its paid for services. It is being superceded by a more generous approach to providing records online but it still holds the key to many church records which are not available elsewhere.

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