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This posting is a follow up to previous postings relating to the “black hole” in availability of online church records for genealogical purposes, in Cork City and surrounds. I decided to write this post because I feel that people are confused by what is available  and where it can be found and what is not available online.

The chart below is my effort to untangle what is available online and what is not. I am focusing on the parishes of the deanery of Cork.


1836-1901* in the chart above, refers to Watergrasshill & Glenville as per the Watergrasshill parish website.
Glounthane** in the chart above, or “New Glanmire” as it is called on the National Library (NLI) of Ireland parish listing.
1775-1880*** includes earlier marriage banns according to the NLI.

From the chart, you can see that until the National Library of Ireland (NLI ) uploaded images in 2015,of the parishes listed, there was no online availability of baptisms and marriages for Ballincollig, Blackrock, Glanmire, Glounthane, Passage West, Ss Mary & Anne (North Parish) and St. Patrick’s RC Parishes. Even now, you have to wade through the online scanned records although these have been transcribed many years ago using tax payers’ money. But, as I mentioned in my previous post, it is wonderful to have the NLI images online despite the fact that they have already been transcribed by the Cork Ancestral Project which is sitting on these transcriptions (a long story).

Note, that the dates listed above, are approximate and do not allow for gaps in the records etc. Please check them.

Irishgen = which is a free site which has records for many of the parishes in the Diocese of Cork and Ross in Co. Cork and many other parishes in Ireland.

NLI = which provides images of microfilmed RC registers in their possession as well as maps showing the locations of the parishes.

CAP = Cork Ancestry Project based in the Cork Co. Library  does not provides any online access to the RC records which they transcribed many years ago.

FT= Frank Thompson (private individual) who voluntarily transcribed 5 parishes in South Cork.

“Own Parish website” refers to Watergrasshill Parish website.

MHC=  Mallow Heritage Centre which is a payong site which has primarily transcribed the RC records for the diocese of Cloyne in Co. Cork and a huge number of parishes in the rest of Ireland. It is a paying site and is now linking transcriptions to the images on the NLI website.

A few things which I should mention are that there is a hard copy of the baptismal and marriage index for Ss Mary  & Anne available to be inspected  onsite at the Cork Co. Library. There is also a bound copy of the transcriptions which  was completed voluntarily by Frank Thompson many years ago, available to be viewed in the Cork Co. Library.

Other points to be mentioned are that the images provided by are of the registers while the images provided by the National Library are of the microfilmed registers. The national Library of Ireland provides invaluable maps of the parishes too.

Also, it appears that there are no marriage records for the time frame for Watergrasshill, which is otherwise well served for baptismal records. It is edifying to see that the Watergrasshill Parish provide transcriptions of their baptismal records.

ADDENDUM (added 20th Jan 2016)

The following image is an article which appeared in the Cork News on the 7th September 2012. It relates to the church records which were transcribed by the Cork Ancestral Project which are still not online.

ADDENDUM (added 11th February 2016)

Findmypast (paying site)is to release a collection of 10 million indexed records from Irish Catholic parish registers, in March 2016. This release is based on transcriptions of the microfilm church records which the National Library of Ireland (NLI) put online in 2015 and will link to the image of the page on the register, on the NLI website.

ADDENDUM (added 2nd March 2016). has also transcribed the Catholic church records and now offers them online.




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7 Responses to More on Cork RC Parish records

  1. peaklass says:

    Thank you SO much for this clarification. I found my grandma’s mother in the un-indexed parish records for Fermoy! Bit of a lucky dip though… Hoping to come to Cork later this year, so may be able to consult Library records you mention. Caroline Platt

  2. Margaret M says:

    Thank you so much for this useful table. I see that the Cork Ancestry Project is invisible on the internet (there’s nothing that I could find at the County Library website) – hmmm, I wonder what happened there. There are some mentions online (in Google) of the Cork Ancestral Project in 2012 but, despite being publicly funded, they are now on a pay-per-view site: see Is this correct?
    Margaret M.

    • mjordan says:

      The records which were transcribed by the Cork Ancestral Project are not online anywhere. In 2012, we did hope that they were going to be added to the website but it didn’t happen despite a lot of efforts to get them added.

      Margaret Jordan

  3. Kathy says:

    Thanks so much for this information! I knew about the major sites, but didn’t know about some of the smaller record sets. Thanks also for your efforts on trying to get the Cork Ancestral Project transcriptions online. Amazing that they’re still not available outside of Cork.

  4. Jim Honeychuck says:

    Thanks very much for this excellent summary.

  5. Thank you Margaret. The chart is a useful tool for anyone searching their family history in Cork.

  6. Angela says:

    Good work! Have no Cork connection but know from postings on various sites that the whereabouts of records is confusing to say the least !

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