Spreading your Autosomal DNA Around


As I write in March 2017, I can say that I have done autosomal DNA testing with Family Tree DNA (2011), Ancestry (2015) and 23andme (2016). I have uploaded my autosomal raw data to Gedmatch (2011), DNA Land (2016), My Heritage (2017) for free. Also, Living DNA have my raw data and I am awaiting their analysis of my ethnic make up. Hopefully, I have covered all bases.

However,  I am still trying to identify my late father’s mother using DNA. In another posting I outlined how I eventually identified his father in 2013, using a combination of yDNA (2003-2009) and autosomal DNA. My father’s autosomal DNA was originally processed by Family Tree DNA in 2013. I  uploaded his raw data to Gedmatch.com, DNA.Land and recently to MyHeritage.com.

I use whatever tools are available on each site to help with the analysis. Having a CHROMOSOME BROWSER to use is very important for analysis of matches.


The diagram above, shows the 22 autosomal chromosomes and the X-chromosome. In another posting, I’ll talk about the software  and sites I use for analysis purposes.

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