Cork Research Tips

The following is a list which might be of use to the genealogist researching in Cork and Ireland in general in many cases. which has the Irish Civil Records index from 1864 to 1958 (also Church of Ireland Marriage index from 1845 onwards).

Church Records (dates vary): Rootsireland [paying site] and Irish Genealogy [free].

Tithe Applotments (circa 1830): Tithe Applotments

Griffith’s Valuation (circa 1852): and

The Irish 1901 Census: 1901 Census

The Irish 1911 Census: 1911 Census


Religious Census 1766 (not available for everywhere)

Books of Survey and Distribution (approx 1664)

Pendars Survey 1659


Street Directories: Street Directories for Cork

Registry of Deeds (from 1708): Registry of Deeds

For high profile names, Burke’s Landed Gentry (various publications) and Burke’s Peerage (various) might be useful.

O’Harte’s Pedigrees has many surname lists of genealogical usefulness.


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  2. Margaret,

    Do you know if the National Library microfilms of West Cork Roman Catholic Parishes are available through LDS? I’d love to have a crack at them, but if I have to travel to Dublin to look at them it’ll be a while.

    Also, just as an FYI, I find the Irish newspaper archives extremely helpful. I’ve searched the Southern Star archives and have found news items about my Mom’s nuclear family starting from 1930, and news items about extended family members starting from about 1909 so far – I hope to extend it back even further. The news clippings arm me with information I can show to present day family members and get them thinking.

  3. Nancy C. Humphrey says:

    Michael is my great grandfather . I have a birth date of about 1836. I believe he came to the USA in 1856 on the ship Albert Gallatin that arrived in New York
    USA. His parents were John Leehane and Mary Callyhan. I think they were from the Cork area. WE have been told they were from Kanturk. Any information you can find would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you, Nancy Humphrey

    • Caroline Murphy says:

      I realise this is almost two years old, and perhaps you have found more information since this post. But I would recommend searching for the Callaghans (Irish spelling – the Irish alphabet doesn’t use the letter Y) in and around Kanturk. There were a lot of them there at the time, and the Callaghan clan based in Kanturk (the total of Callaghan families in the area) owned up to 1,000 acres of land around County Cork. This might be a dead end, but hopefully it’ll give you some leads. Either way, when you get back that far, search for Callaghan rather than Callyhan (the Anglicised/Americanised spelling).

      Being such large land holders, your best bet would be Griffith’s Valuation (1852 as mentioned above) and to move back through gentry records from then.

  4. tom warner says:

    i need a family researcher for county cork.
    tom warner

  5. tom warner says:

    hey there
    looking for information about patrick mcnulty born 1810,
    his son patrick born8/10/1853 cork.
    tom warner

  6. EMcCarty says:

    Does anyone know why the Cork County Library, which has indexed the records of the Cathedral of St Mary and St Anne, is not making the information available to the website?

    I first heard there were “negotiations” about this, but I get the impression it’s just not going to happen.

    Very frustrated.

    • mjordan says:

      I agree with you completely! I emailed a few months ago and they said they were in negotiation. Since then, I have seen on message boards that others have received the same party line from

      I suggest we get the Cork County Library to do the lookups: Maybe they will realize just how many people there are out there who want access to these records. A few years ago, two of us met with the then Co. Libarian Ruth Flanagan and Tim Cadogan to ask for these records to be made public as they had promised in the media. I will post the newspaper clipping in my next posting. As a result of our intervention, a hard copy of the index of the records for St. Mary and St. Anne’s was placed in the library. It comprises several volumes: marriages by groom, marriages by bride and baptisms in family groupings where possible. Ask the librarians to do the work!

  7. Jeannie says:

    I have been trying to locate my late grandmothers birth certificate for some years. Her name was Winnifred McAuliffe. It is our family’s understanding she was born in (we believe) Cork (though the census cited below says she was born in Dublin). Her date of birth was 26/3/1888. On a visit to Dublin 4 years ago i spent some time in the records office and they could find no trace of her birth. I have a copy of the marriage certificate to my grandfather in Dublin (28th January 1912) and also her name on the (1901) census in an institution in Tipperary. We know her father’s name was Jerimah McAullife of Cork. It remains a mystery about her mother’s family as it is believed her mother married against her families wishes. It is also believed her mother’s side of the family was of Russian Jewish heritage. Grandma’s mother died when she was 6 months old. Her father, being destitute, turned to his wife’s wealthier family for help. Their response was to place the child (grandma) in an institution.

    I work for the Coventry Irish Society and our ‘Heritage Group’ feel i will have problems tracing her birth as it was common for such events during those times leading to children being placed in districts outside of their familial area of residence.

    The records office also added that it is possible that her records were destroyed by the fire during the uprising.

    Both the heritage group and the records office suggest my only resort now is to try the local parish records in both Cork and Dublin. I’m starting with Cork.

    Could anyone make suggestions where i begin?

    many thanks


    • mjordan says:

      Hi Jeannie,

      Have you seen the 1911 Census? There is a Winnifred McAuliffe working as a servant in Dublin with a birthplace listed as Co. Limerick.

      Her age is a bit high but ages vary from census to census. Could she have wanted to appear younger than she was when she got married?

      Margaret Jordan

    • Richard says:

      Could this be her? Are you still looking?

      Date of Birth 27 March 1887
      Address 9 RORKER COURT
      Further details in the record
      Sponsor 1 ELLEN LYNCH
      Priest H DUDLEY
      About the record
      Book Number Page Entry Number Record_Identifier Image Filename
      N/R N/R 2408 DU-RC-BA-704867 st.michans_mf_1856-1888_ba_0249

      • Jeannie Le Mesurier says:

        Hello ….yes that siounds like her! Amazing! We thought her records were destroyed. how do i follow this information up?

      • mjordan says:

        I am delighted that someone spotted the name Winifred McAuliffe on: Do a search on this website for Winifred McAuliffe and you will find it. You can also view a pdf file of the actual register.


      • Catherine Green says:

        That tip to Richard! nice to read!

      • Richard says:
        I’m glad you think its her and was happy to help. Copy and paste the link above abd you can view the orgainal at the bottom of the page.
        Take care.

      • jeannie Le Mesurier says:

        Thanks again Richard! You have solve a long and historic family mystery….we are indepted to you. A few tears have been shed I can tell you. Finally we can discover the mystery of grandmas past.

        Bless you.

      • Richard says:

        Your more than welcome. I know how hard it can be to find links to the past. I had a great great grand aunt called Winifred so when i saw her name I thought I’d try to help so spent some time looking around. Sometimes you can just be lucky. Or are the spirits of the past giving us a helping nudge every now and than…haha…Take care and best of luck on your search.

      • Richard says:

        Forgot to say. If that is her than this is her sister. It gives a different address which may help the search:
        Copy this link or read below.

        Date of Birth 18 June 1884
        Address 4 CHERRY LANE
        Further details in the record
        Sponsor 1 MARY NICHOLSON
        Priest CHAS MAHER
        About the record
        Book Number Page Entry Number Record_Identifier Image Filename
        N/R 109 1749 DU-RC-BA-654534 st.marys_pro-cathedral_mf_1880-1889_ba_0494

    • Richard says:

      Oh lord…Why isn’t my tree this easy???
      Here is her mothers birth cert and it gives her parents as well. The reason I’m fairly sure it’s her are the year which would work 5th Aug 1863, Winefred which isn’t a common name and her mothers name is Nicholson and Mary Nicholson was a witness at Mary Catherine McCauliff’s birth. Oh… and the church is the same. I should do this as a job…lol

      Date of Birth 21 July 1863
      Address 2 HARDWICK LANE
      Further details in the record
      Sponsor 1 MARIA NICHOLSON
      Priest THOMAS BUTLER
      About the record
      Book Number Page Entry Number Record_Identifier Image Filename
      N/R 68 841 DU-RC-BA-559329 st.mary’s-pro-cath_mf_1858-1865_ba_0559
      or paste the following link:

    • Richard says:

      This is just killing me…It takes me days to find anything on my own family:
      Here is there wedding cert which shows the parents are right.

      Husband Wife
      Address 18 MARYS LANE 18 MARYS LANE
      Occupation N/R N/R
      Further details in the record
      Priest P KEHOE
      Witness 1 JOHN LYNCH
      Witness 2 MARY MAC AULIFFE
      About the record
      Book Number Page Entry Number Record_Identifier Image Filename
      N/R N/R 326 DU-RC-MA-150672 st.michans_mf_1856-1888_ma_0589

      Or paste this link;

    • Richard says:

      Winfred Leonards brother richard.
      Date of Birth 10 October 1869
      Address 13 WHYTES LANE
      Further details in the record
      Sponsor 1 MARY GRAHAM
      Priest H BEARDWOOD
      About the record
      Book Number Page Entry Number Record_Identifier Image Filename
      N/R N/R 932 DU-RC-BA-706042 st.michans_mf_1865-1888_ba_0041
      View the church register page containing this record.

      You will need Adobe Reader to view this image.

      Report any error in transcription.

    • Richard says:

      And another brother.
      I have to stop here…I’m at work. And even if I’m the boss I still need to do something today.
      Haha….Hope this helps.

      Date of Birth 8 March 1866
      Address 8 DOMINICK ST UPPER
      Further details in the record
      About the record
      Book Number Page Entry Number Record_Identifier
      6 28 433 DU-RC-BA-395639

    • Richard says:

      Hi jeannie/mjordon,
      Just wanted to make sure you got the others in your family I left for you below?

  8. Jeannie says:

    Hi Margaret.

    thanks for your help here. Granma would have been 22 in 1911 so it might have been her though I’m not sure why she would have lied about her age? Our famliy have always been led to believe she was educated as a ‘governess’ – though this may have just been a ‘grandisement’ of the reality! If so a ‘servant’ would make sense. However, in the census of 1901 there was another Winnifred McAuliffe who was cited as being aged 24 at the time which would make her 34 in 1911! So I’m, thinking its more likely it was her and not my grandmother.

    all the best


    • mjordan says:

      Hi Jeannie,

      Yes, I see what you mean. Have you thought of looking for the marriage of Jeremiah McAuliffe before 1880? McAuliffe occurs in N. Cork so the Mallow Heritage Centre might be a useful place to look: If Winnifred’s mother’s name is unusual, it might stand out when you purchase a marriage record.

      There was a large Jewish community in Cork City so looking for a marriage in the Cork Registration District in the civil records index might help:

      I hope this helps. Good luck with your research.


  9. Jeannie says:

    Thanks Margaret. I’ll give it a go.

    take care.


  10. Mary Muller says:

    Hullo Margaret: You have been very helpful to Ed McCarty, with whom I am in contact. Irish Genealogy site email address is full and one cannot post a message. Frustrating. Is there any way one can access deaths or funerals in Church of SS Mary & Anne in Cork in 1854? I am trying to find a death of Elizabeth Dooly (born Connor), married in 1844 to Robert Dooly. Her son, John was born 19 Jan.1854. Her husband, Robert married a Catherine Hayes in June that same year, which indicates Elizabeth had died – possibly in childbirth or shortly thereafter. I am trying to link Robert D. to my gr.grandfather, John who married Maria Moriarty in 1850 in Killarney. He was from Sundays Well, Cork.
    Can anyone help? (I am now 80 years of age!)

    • mjordan says:


      There are no burial records associated with the Catholic Cathedral of St. Mary and St. Anne in Shandon. Also, as there is no graveyard next to St. Mary & St. Anne’s, there are no headstones to transcribe or photograph either. In general Catholics did not keep burial records until much more recently. It would be very difficult to find burial records in the mid 1800s unless the burial was in a Church of Ireland graveyard. There is a Church of Ireland Graveyard associated with St. Anne’s, Shandon, the Church or Ireland church which is not to far from St. Mary & St. Anne’s Catholic Church. The Cobh Genealogical Project in Cobh has these burial records. The email address for the Cobh Genealogical Project is:

      Note, civil death records started in 1864. Good luck with your search!


      • Mary Muller says:

        Hullo Margaret: Thanks for your info. regarding RC church burial records. Frustrating. Am still trying to find whether it’s the same Robert Dooly who married Elizabeth Connor in 1844 & Catherine Hayes in the same year! Irish Genealogy doesn’t seem to have updated their baptismal records recently, despite their website saying it has! \Your replies to everyone are helpful. Keep up the good work!
        Best wishes from Canada:

  11. Mary Muller says:

    Thanks for your prompt reply. How would I contact Curraghkippane Cemetery records? My ancestor, Bernard Dooly was buried there in 1935.
    I can’t find an access address on the web.

  12. Maureen Brownbill says:

    Margaret, I am hoping you may be able to help, I was told that my grandmother and her siblings spent some time in a home after the death of their father, as far as I know the family came from Cork City (this is were all the marriages of the siblings were registered) is there any way that I could find information on this as I am trying to find my grandmothers birth registry
    Many Thanks

  13. Catherine Green says:

    These 1848-1854 Cork records — Irish Reproductive Loan Records — are so interesting to me for the biographical details. But not all are online … Does anyone know if there has been an index made to surnames that appear in the records?

    They are held at the PRO in Kew – because British officials were making efforts to get repayment of the famine time “microloans” and thus there are notes of who is still around, what their circumstances are (prosperous or not), who died in workhouse, went to England to work or has gone to live in America, and so on.

  14. Catherine Green says:

    Since writing the above I did ask in an email to the PRO if any index has been made – the answer was no. I’ll put the reply I received below. As the email stated there are some records on the Moving Here website in affiliation with the PRO and those are searchable. I still think these records are a valuable addition to the other Cork records named above such as the census, census substitutes and church records. But I didnt find my own family in the ones that happen to have been digitized and put on the Moving Here website.

    “Our main collection of Irish Reproductive Loans records has the series number T 91, and contains 241 volumes (pieces) in the format T 91/1, T 91/2 etc.

    The Irish Reproductive Loans records in Moving Here have been selected from T 91. The selected volumes (pieces) are 142a, 142b, 144a, 144b, 180, 187a, 187b, 187c, 189a, 189b, 189c and 195.

    The rest of the series is not available on Moving Here, so it is possible that you might find further information relevant to your research by looking at the original documents. I can, however, confirm that I do not know of any index to the surnames appearing in these records, so the Moving Here website would seem to be the best place to look up a person’s name.

    I hope that this information is helpful.

    Yours sincerely

    Emma Jay
    Advice & Records Knowledge

  15. Patrecea O'Callaghan says:

    Hi there
    I’m looking for John O’Callaghan’s ancestors. Born about 1828, father, John O’Callaghan; mother, Margaret Galligan. John (second name could be Owen), married in Co cavan and emigrated to Australia 1859. Searches have led me to Cork with a possibly he was born there.
    Can anyone help please.
    Much appreciated
    Trish O’Callaghan
    Geelong, Victoria, Australia

  16. Kathy Ryan Malatesta says:

    Good Morning!

    My husband and I will be in Cork the week of April 15. I thought it would be great if we could find relatives still living in the area.

    My great-grandmother was Ellen ‘Nellie’ Goulding; she was born May 1864 in County Cork, the daughter of Phillip and Ellen (Deasy) Goulding.

    Nellie left Ireland and married Volney Canfield in New York City on 16 Dec 1891. Unfortunately, both Volney and Ellen died very young and left five young children. Three stayed in New York (my grandfather being one); the youngest two were sent back to Ireland.

    Sylvester, born in 1899, and Phillip, born in 1902 are listed on the 1911 census as living in Baneshane, Midleton, Cork, Ireland with their grandmother, Ellen Goulding. Also listed in the house are John and Nellie O’Brien, other grandchildren of Ellen’s. They would have been children of Nellie’s sister Mary and her husband, ? O’Brien.

    I know that Nellie’s other sister, Margaret, married Edmund Russell and they had children who my great uncles remembered playing with as children. Ellen (1883), Patrick (1887), Kathie (1888), twins Annie & Aggie (1890), Eddie (1891) and Francis (1893). The twins never married and lived to be over 100. I remember seeing a copy of a newspaper article my great-uncle Phillip was sent about them and their 100th birthday.

    When we get to Ireland, where should we begin our search? The church? Library?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this post and for any assistance!

  17. Suzanne says:

    Have a lady trying to trace her Donovan family. Children known thus far Mary Ann, Stephen and Ellen.
    All children migrated to England. Stephen joined British Navy, Mary and Ellen migrated in 1923 to Sydney Australia.
    Family known to have lived in region known as Molly Moolihan -phonetic spelling folks. which is just a stones throw from Skibbereen. Driscoll family known to have lived in same street and were still there in 1970s when Australian Donovan descendants visited the old home.
    Sadly they didn’t think to speak to Driscoll family.
    Parents names not known. Family were Catholic.
    I have written to a church in Skibbereen in hopes of learning where to look for records of this place. Tried cross referencing Driscoll name with Ellen Donovan in 1911 but only match was in neighbouring region of Castlehaven in Mollyvolahane.
    Any guidance welcome.

  18. Mary Ireland says:

    I have had no luck in finding my great great grandparents (Michael Murphy b. 10-25-1858 and Frances Driscoll b. 8-1860) records. I know they were born in County Cork, that both were in Glasheen in 1880…their daughter Mary Margaret born 5-23-1880 was baptized at St. Finbarrs’s two days later. Frances Driscoll was the daughter of Cornelius Driscoll and Catherine Casey. Michael was the son of Timothy Murphy. Both were stone masons. I have written and requested birth record for both Michael and Fanny, but was told that their births were not registered. They were married between 1879 and 1880, but there isn’t a record on the website for Irish church records. I tried searching St. Finbarr’s Parrish, but was unable to find any records of them, or their families. I have no idea where to search next. Any guidance is welcome.

    • mjordan says:

      If you use, you will find that the marrigae index for Michael Murphy, Cork Registration District, Apr-Jun 1880, vol 5, page 86. There is a marriage index for Frances Mary Driscoll with the same reference so with any luck it is the right one. You could order a photocopy of the marriage cert. from the GRO, Roscommon.

      I hope this helps.

      Margaret Jordan

  19. Barb says:

    Do you know anything about records from Bandon? Are they on line anywhere or is this a Cork Library issue?


  20. mjordan says:

    Hi Barb,

    The Cork Library has nothing to do with the Bandon church records. There are Bandon Church records on
    A list of what is on that website is given:


    • Barb says:

      Hi Margaret

      I knew Bandon is on line at….the problem is there are no records after a certain time period. I could not locate any birth records after 1830. There are only 3 marriages for Bandon after 1830 and I saw no baptisms. How is this possible? There must be some sort of issue with these records.


      • mjordan says:

        Hi Barb,

        That is strange! I just went through the baptisms for Bandon Parish on and got stuck at 1822 I wonder if it is a problem with the website or the lack of records? Well spotted. it sounds like an email to the people who manage the website is required.

        As an aside,I was contacted a few days ago by someone who said she found a record for her ancestors from the Aglis(h) and Ovens register in the records labelled Ballinhassig Parish. When you look at the marriage of Pat Keohane and Mary Sexton in 1834, it is listed under the Ballinhassig Parish but in the original image of the page of the register, there is an entry which states that from that page, the records are for Aglis and Ovens (since a Fr James Daly was appointed). So other records are also affected.


      • Barb says:

        Hi Margaret,
        Maybe you know who to contact better than I. I sent a message, via the feedback, on irishgeneology,ie about the missing records earlier today. I also sent an e-mail to Mr. Duffy asking him if he knows anything about it. Dublin records are screwed up too…a bunch of St. Michans in Arran Quay


  21. Joan Gibson says:

    I am looking for information on my aunt.She lived in the Cork area and I think she died there. I would like to visit her grave.She was married four times so I’m not sure what name she used, Mollie Huth ,Edith Huth,Molly Collett are a few possibilities.She died 28th November 2003

    • Rosemary Gaynor says:

      She had recently married Gerald Collett when she died suddenly and was living near Dromana, Co. Waterford. There was a service at Lismore Cathedral followed by cremation; if there is a memorial plaque I would guess it might be at Fountain Church where she was married to Gerald.

      • Joan Gibson says:

        Thank you for getting in touch. Did you know my aunt ? The family would love a photograph of her

  22. Maureen Brownbill says:

    Margaret I wonder if you could help me I have been in touch with Cork City Council to try and find the location of the burials of 2 of my relatives who died in 1933 and 1935, when they died one was aged 2 years old and the other was just 3 weeks old, unfortunately the reply was that they could find no record of a burial for either child, are there any other sources that I could pursue in order to find out what happened to them after they died

    • mjordan says:

      Hi Maureen,

      Have you tried newspaper obituaries? Do you know which cemetery they are buried in?


      • Maureen Brownbill says:

        Hi Margaret, I have not tried newspaper obituaries yet (I am over in Cork next week so will be visiting the archives), I do not know which cemetery they are buried in, but I do know that some of my relatives are buried in St Joseph’s cemetery so am assuming that they would also be buried in St Joseph’s but according to Cork City Council there are no burial records for them in either St Joseph’s nor St Finbarrs cemeteries


  23. Hi Maureen,
    I hope you won’t mind me jumping in! Go to the ‘Local Studies Department’ at the city library and search the obituaries for your ancestors, and when you get to the archives in Blackpool, look through the burial record books for yourself because you never know what you might find. It is an absolute treasure trove. Good luck with your search and let us know how you get on.


  24. Maureen Brownbill says:

    Hi Kathleen
    I do not mind at all you jumping in with advice, thank you I will do as you have suggested and I will keep you updated


  25. Dear all,

    I only just bumped into this website and I have to say that everything looks so helpful and friendly… I am very pleased.

    Firstly, please let me introduce myself. My name is Gonzalo Velasco, and I am a Spaniard from Madrid living in Bristol, UK. I have Irish ancestry from Cork though, that as yet I haven’t been able to locate. The line came into Spain through John FitzGerald, Infantry Lieutenant in the Second Batallion of the Irish Regiment (1733). He is described in the documents I have consulted as being a descendant of the House of Desmond. He was the son of Thomas FitzGerald and Joan/Jane Talbot and he married Mary Stanton, daughter of Patrick and Dorothy Littledel. They were all from Cork and their daughter, Maria, married a Spaniard, Ignacio Berenguer de Marquina, and settled in Alicante.

    I’ve seen somewhere on the Internet that Church records in Cork only go back to 1748, and John FitzGerald’s grandson, Félix Berenguer, was born in 1736, which would make John born some time around 1680. What do you think? Am I stuck? Is there anyone who can help me?

    Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work!


  26. Douglas Hill says:

    I am looking for the family of David and John Barry sentanced to 7 years and life and transported to Australia in 1836. They were both tried and convicted in 1835 then to Cobh Harbour aboard a prison ship until their departure for Australia in 1836. David was born in 1817 and John in 1813?. Their father is David barry (blacksmith) and mother possibly Catherine.
    I am stumped with nowhere to go can someone help……….
    Thanks in advance
    Doug Hill

    • Isabelle says:

      Did your family remain in Australia? I,too am researching John David Barry born 1904
      Migrated from Cork, via Liverpool circa 1830 to St. Johns Nl Ca. He was a mariner.
      was married to Mary Doyle.

  27. Dave Peck says:

    I stumbled onto this message board – perhaps someone can help.
    I have a gggrandfather Michael Holland born abt 1790 who emmigrated from Ireland to America before 1844. I understand that the Hollands come from around Cork. Does anyone know where I could find records for the name Holland from that period from around Cork? Of course the jackpot would be finding Michael Holland’s ship manifest record of his immigration. Any suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated.
    Dave Peck

  28. Dave Peck says:

    Thanks very much. I have questions; on the first site above does Dublin (RC) mean Roman Catholic? And what does Dublin (COI) mean? Does N/R mean not recorded?
    The second site is even more interesting with a report of a baptism record for 1790 in County Laois. Is there more information on that record anywhere?
    Are there any sites with a Michael Holland emmigrating from 1790 to 1844?
    Your kindness is much appreciated.
    Happy holidays,
    Dave Peck from NJ, USA

  29. mjordan says:

    Hi Dave,

    Yes, RC means Roman Catholic and COI means Church of Ireland. N/R usually means not recorded. Looking for any emigration records before 1844 is difficult. starts a bit later, I think.

    I would look for Hollands in the Tithes and Griffith’s Valuation and possibly the 1901 and 1911 Censuses to get an idea of where Hollands lived in Co. Cork. The Tithes and the censuses are at: and Griffith’s Valuation is at:

    Margaret Jordan

  30. Jim in Wales says:

    I’m mistaken, it’s 1791, not 1790, for the baptism of Michael Holland in County Laois. You would have to purchase access to see what else it says. It may have only the father’s name, or it may have the mother’s full name, and where they lived too. Sites set up like this sort of make you buy a pig in a poke.


  31. Erin says:

    I have also bumped into this site. I am researching Sargent in Youghal and Cappoquin. I am at wits end to find records for birth/marriage.death – specially Youghal. I have a Cornelius Sargent b abt 1869 and can find his military records and death but not birth. Also William sargent who is listed in Slaters 1856 and 1881 under Public Houses with his being Catherine St, Youghal. His son William born abt 1858 also Youghal died 1890 Cappoquin and father still alive then as Cork express published the notice. I cannot find them in the Civil Registration Records. Am I missing some vital info about Cork records? Seems like lots of my Sargents Cappoquin/Cork not showing in the Civil index. Can anyone help please?

  32. Erin Sullivan says:

    Hello, Do you mean church records on-line? Yes I have. But not actually at the Parish. Some of the births/marriages/deaths that I can’t find on Civil Reg are into 1870s and 1880s so not that early. Seems to be (seems) Youghal and Cappoquin. I found some deaths in the Waterford County Library Death registers , but they are only partial and some of these aren’t in the civils either even though 1869 and later. Quite a lot of the events missing from civils are 1867 onwards. The task of finding pre-civil is proving very difficult for these 2 areas and this one family. SARGENT. Any advice?

  33. Catherine says:

    How many Callaghans are living in Cork City?

  34. toni dixon says: looking for information on my g grandmother Kathleen Murphy. Don’t have a lot of information to go on apart from we think she was born around 1935.she got married to Arthur Smith from Houghton Le spring on 17th March 1950.and lived at blarney street cork Ireland. We think her fathers name is Michael Murphy which is what shows on marriage certificate which is all we have for her.any help would be greatly appreciated

  35. toni dixon says:

    Hi thank yeah this is why we can’t get anywhere because mothers name is not on the certificate??? Just Michael Murphy. And yeah looking for Murphy isn’t the easiest with such little information.very frustrating that all we have to go off is wedding certificate 😦

  36. Richard says:

    Your only hope than Toni is to get on to these guys:
    and ask them to look for a birth cert for Kathleen Murphy between what dates you think with the father as Michael Murphy and maybe and an address at Blarney Street and hope it was the family home back than.

  37. toni dixon says:

    Hi all it says Michael Murphy labourer x

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