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I am interested in the use of DNA (yDNA, autosomal and mtDNA) to help find family roots and connections. I am administrator of two projects: O’Shea Surname yDNA Project and the Ireland Heritage yDNA Project. Both these projects use the Family Tree DNA testing company in the USA. In 2009, I wrote an article on yDNA testing “Use of DNA in Irish Genealogical Research” for the Irish Genealogical Society International Journal. I also wrote an article on DNA testing for the Senior Times entitled: Beginner’s Guide to DNA testing.

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  1. eileen bates says:

    Hello, I wondered if they did DNA to connect families in Co.Cork. I realise my hopes of finding some record of my family of Sullivans there is like looking for a needle in a haystack, having found loads of the same name.
    Would a DNA test have any chance of connecting me with Sullivans there??

  2. mjordan says:

    Hi Eileen,

    There is a yDNA Project for the Sullivan surname at Family Tree DNA:

    If you get a male Sullivan in your family to do a yDNA test, he may find matches to Sullivans who have a paper trail to Co.Cork. This will confirm your connection to Cork Sullivans.

    Best wishes,

  3. My Mother was from Skibbereen, and it turns out my mitochondrial DNA is rather rare for western Europe.

    I am very stuck right now trying to sort out who my Great Grandmother was, as there were just too many women with the same name, roughly the same age and in the same general area at the same time. I have a probable marriage record from 1904 and a probable census record from 1911, but finding her in the 1901 census has proven to be just about impossible. Her husband is proving to be equally impossible to pin down.

    I am thinking of writing to a few businesses in the area and even advertising in the Southern Star for matrilineal descendants of certain women, in the hopes I can learn a few family histories and find a few people willing to take a mtDNA test so I can determine once and for all which Hurley was my GGrandmother.

  4. mjordan says:

    What haplogroup is your mtDNA?

    Good luck with your research.


  5. sean barrett says:

    hi my name is sean barrett, my father who is now 93 lives with us in the uk, however our family hail from the bantry bay area.i have a copy of my fathers birth certificate and would like to try and find out about my family tree as far back as possible….any advice would be gratefully appreciated as the best ‘route’ to take with this.

  6. mjordan says:

    Hi Sean,

    As you posted your comment on the yDNA Projects, I suspect you are interested in doing a yDNA test. There is a Barrett yDNA Project at Family Tree DNA which you could join. The Ireland yDNA Project is another useful project for men with Irish ancestry on their paternal line.

    You can also use the various links on my blog to trace your family using conventional methods. The 1911 Cenus is a good place to start and the Civil Records Index is also useful.

    Margaret Jordan

  7. Vince Joyce says:

    Do you know if any DNA comparisons have been done between the Joyces of Galway and the Joyces of Cork? I strongly suspect the families are not related.

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