British Military Cemetery,Ballincollig

British Military Cemetery, Ballincollig

The British Military Cemetery in Ballincollig was established and used by the British Army from the early 1800s to the 1920s.

The following are images taken by Margaret Jordan in June 2011. Click on them to see larger images. Due to erosion, weathering and destruction, many headstones which were transcribed by Henchion and Rice (1995) were unable to be read. I did my best to identify the headstones by a name/word or their location on the map presented by Henchion & Rice. The transcriptions are from Henchion & Rice with some additional notes.

Anne Donaldson, author of book entitled “British Military Graveyard, Ballincollig, Co. Cork, Ireland” has also uploaded extensive burial records for this cemetery to:

Thanks to Catryn Power, Anne Donaldson and Richard Henchion for their contributions to this effort to preserve Ballincollig’s Military heritage. Thanks also to Tony Burgess (British Military researcher).

The Ballincollig Military Cemetery is closed and under the control of the Office of Public Works (OPW). The phone number for the OPW in Cork is 021-496 6200

British Military Cemetery layout (by Margaret Jordan 2011):

Map of Cemetery

Map of Cemetery

Note, there are ten headstones in the cemetery which were erected by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and further details can be found for each of the individuals concerned.

Margaret Jordan (updated Dec. 2011)

Headstone Transcriptions and Notes

The headstone information was copied from the handwritten transcriptions by Richard Henchion and Leslie Rice, 1995 (in County Cork Library) with permission. Dates presented here are in the format: dd/mm/yyyy. Notes added by Richard Henchion. Notes by margaret Jordan are indicated with *

  1. In memory of/Clarissa Elizabeth/daughter of/Mr Musselbrook/Staff Sergeant of the/ Royal Artillery Drivers/ and Elizabeth his wife/who departed this life/ 3/12/1814 aged 4 months.

[Notes: Back row, N/E of cemetery. Service held in the Ballincollig Ordnance Garrison Barracks Chapel.]

  1. Underneath lie the remains of/Mrs Anne Irwin/ who died on the 24/6/1819 in the/74th year of her age/also her Grand-daughter/Frances/wife of Lieutenant  J. S. Schaw, R.A./Who resigned her gentle spirit/In the calm Affiance/Of Christian hope/on 14/12/1825/aged 23/If we believe that Jesus died and rose again/Even so them also which sleep in Jesus/Will God bring with him/Also/Aexander Schaw/son of above/born on the 11/12/1825/Accidentally drowned/Near Clogheen in Tipperary/On 6/9/1854 aged 28 years.

[Notes: Chest tomb]

[Notes: War Graves Register gives the year of death for Mrs Irwin as 1818]  *[John S. Schaw, late of the Royal Artillery, married Frances Anne, daughter of Rev. Henry Irwin, Ballincollig, Connaught Journal, Thursday, May 1, 1823]

  1. Sacred to the memory of/Frederick Hoyle/Private 12th Royal Lancers/died 5/3/1896/aged 19 years/Erected by the officers/and Men of C Squadron.
  1. Sacred to the memory of/John Sclater/Sergeant of 12th Royal Lancers/Who died at Ballincollig/16/3/1896 at 32 years/Erected by Non-Commissioned Officers and men of D Squadron.

[Notes: Gravestone by D. McCarthy, White St, Cork]

  1. Sacred to the memory of/Harry A. Hall/sergeant of F12/12th  Royal Lancers/Who died 16/6/1896/at 32 years/Erected by his brother Non Commissioned Officers as a mark of esteem.

[Notes: A is Arthur]

  1. In loving memory of /Maud Elizabeth/The beloved child of Sergeant Charles and Elizabeth Wood/12th Royal Lancers/died/17/3/1897, aged 8 months.
  1. In memory of/Capt. S. S. Williams/12th R. Lancers/died July 1896 at 24 years/Erected by B. Squadron, 12th Lancers.

[Notes: The only William on the C.O. list is S. Smith Williams, a burial record        21/9/1896., Stone: McCarthy,    White    St.]

  1. Sacred to the Memory of/Alexander McMillan/Private, 12th Royal Lancers/ died 12/11/1896 at 18 and a half years/Erected by the Officers, Non Commissioned Officers and men of C Squadron.

[Notes: Stone by D McCarthy]

  1. Erected in memory of/Thomas Nicholas Wickstead who departed this life 11/5/1900/in his 29th year/Erected by his comrades/ A Squadron/H. M. S. Reserve Regiment of Lancers.
  1. ‘Nellie’/beloved child of/W. and E. Richards/of the 17th Lancers/who died 16/3/1900 aged 4 years. [Notes: *not found by Margaret Jordan in 2011 in cemetery]
  1. Sacred to the Memory of/William Dignam/son of James Dignam/Royal Artillery/who departed this life/16/1/1844 aged 3 and a half years/In the midst of life/We are in death/Blessed are the dead/That dwell in the Lord/This stone was erected/as a token of affection/by his afflicted parents/May he rest in peace

[Notes: “dead” omitted between “the” and “that”]

  1. Sacred to the Memory of/’Elizabeth’/the beloved daughter of/John and Mary Gough/of the 7th Dragoon Guards/who departed this life/ 20/5/1833/aged 13 years/Thou are sleeping in Jesus/Exalting thy pleasure/Where the weary repose/from the toils of the day/Thou hast entered in Christ/An exhaustible treasure/And thy sorrowing and sighing/have vanished away/Stranger let fall/Not one Unholy tear/or that frail relict/that lies mouldering here/She was but called/To shower earthly eye/Virtues appearance in a purer sky/And having well fulfilled/The mission given/The young Elizabeth/Was recalled to Heaven/’Samuel Mearigan’/was entered here/2/1/1842/aged 9 years.
  1. Broken base-stone, maybe pertained to No. 16 as its base stone.
  1. Sacred to the memory of/Susanna Rawlinson/The wife of Capt./Stephen Rawlinson of/the Royal Artillery/who departed this life/12/6/1820 aged 35 years/An affectionate wife/Good mother in true/hope of a Joyful/Resurrection through/The Mediation of/Our Lord and Saviour/Jesus Christ – Amen.
  1. In Loving Memory of/Lilian Margaret/aged 3 years and 9 months/and/James Christopher/aged 2 years and 7 months/the dearly beloved children of/James and Eliza Squire/who died on 22/81901 and 23/8/1901/of the Depot Squadrons/17th Lancers.
  1. In Loving Memory of /Agnes/dearly loved child of/Lieut. Charles and Agnes Clarke/17th Lancers/died 3/10/1901/aged 8 years.
  1. In Loving Memory of/Herbert Staveley/The beloved child of/Herbert and Helena Cordell/ 12th Lancers/died 26/11/1901/Safe in the arms of Jesus.
  1. Erected by/Patrick Keating/4th Royal Artillery/In memory of his/Beloved child/John Keating/who Died 26/8/1838/aged 4 years and 10 months.
  1.  To The Glory of God/and the memory of/Walter Butler/Lieutenant and Quarter Master/The Manchester Regiment/late of the Lancers Regiment/died suddenly/30/9/1903/aged 36 years/Until the day break.
  1. Sacred to the memory of/ David Archer/Private in the 8th Kings Royal Irish Hussars/who departed this life/ 3/4/1848/ in the 19th year/The beloved son of/Edward and Margaret Archer.
  1. Sacred to the Memory of/No. 4717/Private/S. Childs/Died 22/6/1908/Aged 30 years.
  1. Erected to the Memory of/Lizzie/the beloved wife of/Farrier Quarter Master Sergeant/William Robertson/22nd. Batt./Royal Field Artillery/7/5/1908.
  1. This stone was erected/by the officers/non-commissioned officers/Dragoons and men of the/Enniskillen Dragoons/in affectionate memory of/James Fagan/who died at Ballincollig/7/5/1907/after 21 years service/in the regiment/aged 35 and a half years. R.I.P.
  1.  Sacred to the Memory of/Bombardier Charles Mason/Royal Artillery/who departed this life/10/8/1847/aged 22 years/Erected by the non-commissioned officers/and men of No. 1 Company, 4th Batt./Royal Artillery/as a mark of respect and esteem/for departed comrade/Comrades see a Soldier’s Grave/Tread lightly oe’r this sod/And Now that you/Your souls may save/My soul seek/Your earthly Peace with God.
  1. Sacred to the Memory of/Jane/the beloved wife of /Capt. J. Liddle/Quarter Master/Royal Scots Greys/who departed this life/ 6/1/1882/aged 38 years/Her toils are passed/Her work is done/and She is fully Blessed/She fought the fight/The victory won/Then entered into rest/This monument is erected by sorrowing husband

[Notes: The monument features a broken column on a square pedestal.]

  1. Sacred to the Memory of Maria Houston, who died 27/10/1871 at18 years.
  1. Sacred to the Memory of/James Harrison/late of the Royal Artillery/Departed this life/ 20/4/1845 at 42 years/This stone is erected by/his afflicted widow.
  1. 50050, Sergeant A. Jacques Royal Field Artillery//4/12/1916/aged 42 years.

[Notes: War Graves Register lists him as Arthur son of Zacharah Jacques and husband of Ethel Helena Jacques. No. 461] CWGC Headstone

  1. 47649. Driver/A. Gillespie/Royal Field Artillery/26/8/1915

      [Notes:Son of William Gillespie, Belfast 26 years, 4th. Battery, Indian Brigade R. F. A.  No. 460.] CWGC Headstone

  1. 99840, Driver/E. Done/Royal Field Artillery/9/5/1915

      [Notes:E=Enoch. WGR 459] CWGC Headstone

  1. Here lies the body of/Elizabeth/wife of John Fuller/she died 20/4/1832 aged 41 [or 44 years]
  1. Sacred to the Memory of/Thomas Carlyle/Troop Farrier/12th Royal Lancers/who qepd 25/12/1849/aged40 years/Erected by his/comrade farriers/as a tribute of respect/to his memory.

Notes: “Qepd” instead of “depd”, the “d” being turned upside down

  1. In Memory of/Joseph Bednall, Sergeant 12th. Royal Lancers/who died on the 5/2/1833/in the 28th  year of his age/having served 9 years in the Regiment/Much regretted by the Officers/Non-commissioned Officers and the Corps./His race is run, his Battles oe’r/Ended by his last campaign/He ne’er shall see another shore/Nor ever march again/This stone is erected by his brother non-commissioned officers as a tribute of respect in his memory
  1. Sacred to the memory of/George Willett/late Sergeant and Master Tailor/Royal Scots Grays/28/1/1840 aged 46 years/ He served in the regiment 28 years/and was present with it/at the Battle of Waterloo/He was a kind and Affectionate Husband/And his death was much regretted/This stone was erected by his/Beloved wife as a memorial as to the affection/She had for him and as a tribute/Of respect to his memory/Why should we mourn dear friends/Or shrink at deaths alarms/T’is but the voice that Jesus sends/To call us to his arms.
  1. Sacred to the Memory of/Amelia Milton/who died 16/9/1842, 5 years 6 months/also/Arabella Milton/ Wo died 23/9/1842 at 3 years 9 months/Daughters of John Milton/Trumpet Major/10th Royal Hussars/For the loss of us/our parents grieve/We are gone to heaven/they do believe/and trust in God/through grace we  may/in heaven all all meet on/ the last day. _____Milton.
  1. 134403, Driver/S.T. Whitehouse/Royal Field Artillery/8/5/1916/aged36 years.

[Notes: Sidney Thomas, 29th Res. Battery, son of Richard Edward and late Clara Whitehouse, Capthorn Rd., Smethwick, Staffs. No.. 491, War Graves register] CWGC Headstone

  1. Second Lieutenant/W.E. B. Forster/Royal Field Artillery/12/6/1915

[Notes: William Edward Blake, No. 509. War Graves Register. A family tombstone is also erected…No. 41] CWGC Headstone

  1.  Captain and Quarter Master/W. T. Stretton/Royal Field Artillery/10/4/1916/Aged 58 years.

[Notes: Stretton, Captain and Q.M. William Thomas. RFA, died 10th April 1916, aged 58, husband of Mary E. Stretton, 10 Parkcroft Rd., Lee, London] CWGC Headstone

  1. In Paradise/In Loving Memory of /Annie Byartt/wife of William Byartt/Regimental Quarter Master Sergeant/10th Royal Hussars/Fell Asleep at Ballincollig/8/1/1895/ aged 41 years/I heard the voice of Jesus say/Come unto me and rest

[Notes: Stone by D. Murphy, White St., Cork.]

  1. In Paradise/To the Glory of God/and in ever Loving Memory of/Mary Poole/wife of Captain A.E. Poole/10th Royal Hussars/fell asleep 18/7/1895.
  1. In Loving memory/ of William Edward Black/Forster/2nd. Lieutenant/Royal Field Artillery/Accidentally killed in the/execution of duty at/Ballincollig/12/6/1915/Sincerely mourned by all.
  1. 39424/Battery Quarter Master/J.C. Dixon, D.C.M./Royal Field F Artillery/2/8/1917

   [Notes:J.C. is John Charles, D.C.M. is Distinguished Conduct Medal, No. 508 War Graves Register.] CWGC Headstone

  1. 4533 Gunner/C. Cook/Royal Field Artillery/1/3/1916/aged 19

[Notes: C is Charlie, died of pneumonia, son of Richard and Harriet Cook of Folkestone, England.] CWGC Headstone

  1. Sacred to the Memory of/Private John Hutchinson/“E” Troop, 12th Royal Lancers/who died Ballincollig/16/10/1866/aged 34 years.
  1. This stone was Erected by/John Madden/for 2 daughters/Hanora Madden/died 21/4/1832/ aged 32 years and Anne Harrington, died 21/10/1834, aged 30 years/Requiescant in pace, Amen.
  1. Spea Temur [Ageado]

Sacred to the memory of/Henry Gittens/Who died suddenly after/the Annual Competition for/ swordmanship held/on11/4/1871/aged 31 years.

This tribute to his memory/Is erected by his comrades/As a token of their sincere

Regret and respect./Hold thou thy Cross before my closing eyes/Shine through the gloom and point me to the skies/Where is death’s sting where gave thy victory/I triumph still if thou abide with me.

  1. Spea Temur Ageado

Sacred to the Memory of/Wlliam Sandmann/Amourer Sergeant/1st Royal Dragoons, /whodeparted this life/1/2/1871/aged 40 years/This stone is erected as a/mark of respect by his/brother non-Commissioned officers/For ye therefore have sorrow/But I will see you again/And our joy no man can take from you.

John XVI c. 22V.

  1. Spea Tumor Ageado

Sacred to the Memory of/Private Thomas Atkins/late of G Troop/1st Royal Dragoons/ who met a melancholy death by falling from a car proceeding from/Cork to Ballincollig/ 20/12/1870/Aged 24 years/May he rest in peace/Erected by his comrades as a tribute of respect.

  1. Sacred to the Memory of/Robert McDuff/late private Royal Dragoons/Who died at Ballincollig/4/3/1870/ aged 33 years/Who was servant for/ some 9 years to Major/ Dixon of the/Royal Dragoons/by whom this stone was erected/as a token of esteem for a loyal and upright servant.
  1. 75788, Gunner/W. Rudge/ Royal Field Artillery/28/2/1915.

[Notes: W is William. No. 459 War Graves Register] CWGC Headstone

  1. Sacred to the Memory of/Driver Matthew Barnes/of No. 2 Battery 9 Brigade/Royal Artillery/who died at Ballincollig/o12/12/1860 at 27 years/This stone is erected by the Non Commissioned officers/ and men of No. 2/ Battery 9 Brigade/Royal Artillery.
  1. Sacred to the Memory of/Lieutenant Robert Morgan, R.N./who died in the 78th/year of his age/ 23/8/1849/also to that of his son/Theophilus/who died at/Cronstadt/on 4/7/1849/ aged 24 years.
  1. Here lie the remains of /Lieutenant Col./ Lloyd Dowse/ of the Royal Artillery/who died  /20/12/1847, aged 60.
  1. Sacred to the memory of /Henry Carline/13 years Assistant surgeon/of the Carabineers/who died at Ballincollig/ Barrack 20/9/1851/aged 49 years/Erected as a token of/esteem by brother officers.
  1. Erected by a/ Beloved Brother/ And sister/Sacred to the Memory of /Bombardier Hugh W. Wright/I. B. R.H.A/I.V.H.Q./died 4/11/1879/aged 35 years/This tribute to his memory/is erected by his comrades/as a token of their sincere/regret and respect/For when thou art angry/All our days are gone/We bring our years to an/———-/are a tale.

[Notes: Clamped between an iron railings and some trees. Base stone reads: Erected by a beloved brother and sister.] [Notes: *headstone totally enclosed by tree (Margaret Jordan, 2011)]

  1. Sacred to the memory of/Charlotte Rosanna/ aged 3 years and 7 months/Died 3/12/1878/also Alice Ellen/aged 9 years and 9 months/Died 14/12/1878/The beloved children of George and Ellen/Ramplin/19th Hussars/Sleep on dear children. Sleep/Within your peaceful tomb/Why should your parents weep/Since God had called/you home.
  1. To the Memory of /Gunner James Outram/who was accidentally/drowned whilst/ working on the/embarkation of his battery at Cork on/22/6/1863(5?)

Erected as a token of/esteem and regard/by his comrades of E. Battery, 8th Brigade Royal Artillery/also to the memory of/Gunner John Leahy/H Battery, 8th Brigade/Royal Artillery/who died at Ballincollig/ on 28/5/1863 (5?)/Teach us to number our/days that we may/Apply our hearts unto wisdom.


  1. In Memory of/Sergeant William Humphries/ King’s Dragoon Guards/Died 13/2/1874/ aged 35/Erected by his brother/non-commissioned officers/as a mark of respect
  1. In Memory of/George B. Lindsay/died 27/12/1875/Aged 10 months.

[Notes: a metal memorial lying loose at the back of No. 5?]

  1. Sacred to the Memory of /Driver Patrick Hanrahan/who died at Ballincollig/on the 8/3/1874/This stone has been erected/by the officers/non-commissioned officers and men/of  C Battery, 4th/Battalion, R.A., Erected/as a token of regard/and esteem.

[Notes: Cork Examiner 11/3/1874]

  1.  In Memory of Alfred/2nd. son of A. Harris/Sergeant, 7th Dragoon Guards/died 4/3/1876/Aged18 months.

Notes: A metal memorial lying uprooted at the rear of No. 6?

  1. To the Memory of/Stephen Schramm Bandmaster/King’s Dragoons Guards/

FRONT: who died at Ballincollig/14/11/1874, at 52 years
BACK: Erected by the officers/King Dragoon Guards/as a mark of respect for his/   invaluable service/during a period of/6 years.

  1. Bandmaster/Royal Scots Greys/Jean Bonniseau/died 17/10/1882/ aged 63 years.[Notes: Metal cross]

* Plaque erected to his memory/by his devoted pupil and servant/ Lieut. J. Ord Hume/May 1930
Notes: John Orde Hume (1864-1932), famous composer and bandmaster.

  1. Sacred to the memory of/Elizabeth, daughter of/David Weir, Sergeant/7th Queen’s Own Hussars/and Mary his wife/born Newbridge 17/2/1849/died at Ballincollig/25/11/1850/Thy will be done/Sweet little snow drop

Soon thy life was o’er/Thou’rt safe with Christ/On Heaven’s eternal/Store.

[Notes: Stone facing South]

  1. Sacred to the Memory of/Corporal Joseph Shaw/of the Coast Brigade/Royal Artillery/A native of native of Workington/Cumberland/who died on the /7/8/1864, aged 47 years/For if we believe that Jesus died

And rose/again, even so them/also which sleep/in Jesus will/God Will God bring with him. 1st Thessalonians Chap. IV Verse XIV

This stone was erected/by a few devoted/comrades and/sincere friends.

  1. Erected by Farrier Sergeant Thomas Forster F. Battery 8th. Brigade, Royal Artillery and his wife Anne Forster to the memory of their beloved child Anne who died 212/1865, 3 years.
  1. Sacred to the Memory of/Charles Elsworth/1st. son of Charles and Elizabeth Elsworth/ of Dorsetshire, England/and late gunner in E Battery, 8th Brigade, Royal Artillery/who died 23/5/1865/ Aged 29 years 7 months/This stone is erected as a/tribute of respect by the Non-commissioned officers, Gunners and/Drivers/of F Battery 8th Brigade/Royal Artillery/Mourn not for me my/comrades dear I/am not dead but/sleeping here My/ grave you see/Prepare yourselves/For to follow me/Also to the memory of/George Causton/late driver of the/same battery/who died on  the /27/6/1865/after a short but/very severe illness of/three days/aged 31 years/Blessed are those/that die in the Lord.
  1.  In memory of/Sergeant Shadrach Gould/Royal Scots Greys/born 1/1/1855/died 2/3/1883/Erected by the officers/ non-Commissioned officers/and men of his regiment/In the midst of life/We are in death. [Note: original transcription had 1888 but 1883 confirmed by newspaper and death index]
  1.  Sacred to the Memory of James/eldest/surviving son of/Barrack Sergeant/Nicholas Malone and/Sophie his wife/This much loved and/lamented youth came by/his death in his 20th/year on the morning of the 23/25? November 1841/in consequence of the/ accidental discharge of/a fowling piece while/drawing in towards him/thro’ a hedge he had/previously ascended in/the lands of Greenfield/in this neighbourhood/This tomb is erected by/one who knowing him from infancy/and being well/acquainted with his/worth/thus testifies his/regard and his regret/for the sad/bereavement his parents/and brothers/have sustained/Also to the memory of/his brother William Malone/who died at Ballincollig/on the 4/3/1854 aged/30 years/ and Henry Malone who/died on the 21/12/1856/aged 30 years.

[Notes: Recumbent on a low-stone support.]

  1.  In this vault are/interred the remains of/Mrs Isabella F. Wall/wife of Capt. A. Wall/of the Royal Artillery/Died  13/11/1813/in the 33rd year of/her age.

[Notes: Gravestone in s/w corner of graveyard]

  1.  Sacred to the Memory of/Thomas Hewitt Johnson/Coronet and Riding Master/ of the/7th Dragoon Guards/who died at Ballincollig/Barracks on the/13/3/1833/ aged 21 years.
  1. This stone is erected by/Robert Somerville/to the memory of/ his the beloved wife/Susan/who departed this life/on 31/8/1834/aged 38/35 years/also his daughter Jane/who died on the/28/8/1835/aged 8 years.
  1. Sacred to the Memory of/Henry/the son of/Rev. W. Spedding/Greenfield/who resigned his gentle spirit on  the/March 1840/aged 4 years and 5 months/The shepherd folds thee/ in his arms and/frees thy soul from/ all alarms/He clothes thee in/the spotless white/To dwell with him/in realms of light

Isiah 40th Chap. IILV; Mark 10th Chap. Verse 13 &16

Also to the Memory of/Samuel Warren/5th son of/Rev. W. Spedding/who joined his little/brother on the/11/5/1845/8/aged 11 months.

The Lord gave and the/Lord Hath/ taken/away/ blessed be the name/of the Lord.

[Notes: (Rev. Spedding born near Bray, Co. Dublin 24/3/1804, went to TCD, ordained priest  in Cork 1837, curate at Killbrogan and Kilnaglory, rector of Carrigrohanebeg    1842, chaplain Military Barracks, married Lydia Brownrigg, 1834, 4 sons, William,  Robert, John and Benjamin and daughter Wilhelmina. Casey Vol.11

Stone near west wall close to the gate, lettering worn on the stone]

  1. In Loving Memory of/Ernest Edward Stepto/son of/Army School Master A. Stepto/and Alice his wife/died 30/4/1892/aged 1 year 8 months. ‘Sweet Jesus’

[Notes: stone to right of gates]

  1. Sacred to the Memory of/Mary Elizabeth Mooney/who departed this life/17/8/1850/aged 2 years 7 months/Also her sister/Catherine Mooney/ who departed this life/15/8/1850 at 7 months/This stone was erected/by their affectionate father/Nicholas Mooney, Sergeant/7th Queen’s Own Hussars/For the loss of us our parents/Grieve we are gone to Heaven/They do believe and trust in/God through/Grace we may in/Heaven all meet on the last day.
  1. In memory of/Edward Bastard/son of James G. Elkington, Esq./surgeon 17th Lancers/and Louis, his wife/who died 20/10/1831 at 4 years/This stone is erected by his sorrowing parents.
  1. 18904 Private/E.C.J. Stratton/17th Lancers/13/6/1920/aged 17/On the resurrection/morning ,soul and body meet again.

[Notes: Last stone in the corner of the graveyard. Probably last burial in graveyard, skull and cross bones depicting Death of Glory Manchester Regiment.] CWGC Headstone

[Notes: From the War Grave Commission, Stratton, Pte. E.C.J 18904 17th Lancers. Died 13th June 1920. aged 17. Son of John and Mary Ann Stratton. 18 Talbot Rd.,   Bayswater, London. No. 328.]
Additional Notes:
1866 Oct. Death of Richard Stretton, aged 68 (Casey Vols.11-13)
1866, October, death of Richard Stretton, Sergeant 39 Foot at Glendive (?) near K????/ aged 68 years (C/11-13 1869. A lso born to J. Stretton Blennerville 1876.
Mrs Jame Stretton aged 79 years dies at Blennerville in Nov (C/11-27,/0) 1889.
Death in March at Blennerville of James Stretton, Officer of HMS Customs?, Tralee aged 51 years 1890.
Death in March at Moville Co. Limerick of Miss E. Stretton, late of Tralee.]