Cork City’s Graveyards

A publication entitled: Cork City’s Burial Places features the many and varied burying place in Cork in the past. See: Cork City’s Burial Places

Cork City’s Burial Places is available from the Planning and Development Directorate, City Hall. It is a useful guide to the history of burying places in Cork City but falls short of helping the genealogist.

Cork City’s Burial Places will enhance our knowledge of the past societies and individuals who developed the city and will allow for a more informative management of the burial grounds by those who are shaping our city today.

Cork City Council is committed to promoting and protecting the archaeological heritage of Cork City and is delighted to produce this interesting and worthwhile book. It was funded by the Urban and Village Renewal Scheme and the Heritage Council.

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One Response to Cork City’s Graveyards

  1. Kae Lewis says:

    Many thanks for the information about this Cork City Burials Book. I have many others in the series of Archeological Books published by them and find them very useful, especially the one on the Lanes of Cork City.

    Also good to hear Christchurch is at last open to the public. It should be a very beautiful building now. Regards, Kae Lewis

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